VINYL ETCHINGS  -  the look of real etched glass!      SCREEN MAGNETS  -  double-sided in black, white, and air-brushed colors!       Great for your home or work.        Give as gifts or keep and enjoy for yourself.       Quality merchandise at affordable prices!!!

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Vinyl Etchings Int'l, LLC

Phone: (727) 845-5300  Fax (727) 842-7462




          Retail customers may purchase our products on-line by clicking the "Locate a Dealer" link above

Please read the requirements below for purchasing wholesale
Fax or email the information listed below and we will send instructions and the password to log in to our wholesale prices.
If faxing the information... Be sure to include your regular phone line number and email address as another means for contacting.
The password link box is located at the bottom of the page.


.   Minimum initial order of $175.00
     $500 minimum for countries outside the U.S. sent via electronic bank wire transfer.
      No Minimum on Reorders
     Mix and match any product or design
2.   Copy of Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax
       If above not applicable to your state - send copy of business license/registration number or Federal EIN number   
3.   Copy of driver's license
4.   Full name and name of company
5.   Address plus shipping address if different
6.   Phone number and, if applicable, email address
7.   Selling location (address, city, state)
8.   If paying by credit card - copy of front and back

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. 
All CC information is used for billing purposes only.


Please use the printer friendly order form from this website or
from reorder form that we sent with your most recent order.
Fill in the form.  We will fill in the total costs for you.

You can view the order form once you have logged in below.
(See instructions below for printing out order forms)

Phone, fax, email or send your order by postal mail.
 If paying ahead by check/money order,  email or fax your order.
We'll reply with the total shipping cost for you to add to your check.

Please allow 2-7 days for delivery once order is shipped.


The link button for the password is listed below.

In order to receive the password to our wholesale order forms and prices,
please send the following information by email to:

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

You may either type your information into an email and send to us or

type your information into the form below then just copy and paste the whole form into your email.

NOTE:   When copying and pasting the form below... PLEASE only copy the form and

not anything else on this web page or your information will convert too small for us to read.

1. Fill in form     2. Highlight form by dragging your mouse over it while holding down your left mouse button
3. Click your right mouse button and select copy.     4. Compose a new email     5. Right click on the message area and select paste.

       Full Name:
         Company:   *
           Phone:   *   Fax: 
         Tax ID#:   *
     Shipping Address

   Street Number:   *   Street Name:   *
  Suite/Unit/Apt:     City:   *
           State:   *    Zip:   *  Country:   *

Sales Location

   Street Number:   *   Street Name:   *
  Suite/Unit/Apt:      City:   *
           State:   *    Zip:   *  Country:   *

           Please list at least one of the following so we can send you the password

                            How did you find us?
Please add any details or name of dealer or person who referred us to you.
 Thank You.


After receiving the password - click the link below.



Please Note:

Order forms are included with every packaged order you receive.
They will be updated as we add new or changed items.

You may want to use them to do inventory or use for faxing new orders.


 To print the order form listed on the web site without page links at top of it:
Click on the order form and another window will open with only the order form on it.
Print out and you can then use your browsers back button to return to the original order form.

Remember these are not the updated one you will receive with each order.

Printing the order forms to fit 8.5" x 11" paper:
If you are having trouble printing the order form to fit a paper size of 8.5" x 11"
then you will need to adjust your printer settings. Try the following:
At the top of your browser window (Internet Explorer) click on "File" then click on "Print Preview"
This will allow you to see how your printer will actually print out the page.
If it does not show everything on the order form then click the "Page Settings" icon
which is located at the top left of that page next to the word "Print". (it looks like a gear)

Now you can adjust your printer margins.
Some margins are pre-set at 0.75" which cuts off your printed web pages.
The margins should be set at   0.25" or lower for all 4 margins.
Some printers will allow a smaller margin.
Depending on your printer - you may also be able to choose the option "fit to page" or "scale to fit".
Directions above will allow you to fit more onto your printed pages when printing from Internet Explorer.
If using another browser then you will need to check that browser's page setup or printer settings.
We use Internet Explorer as this is what works best for our site and applications.
If having trouble  printing order forms  email:


Office Hours: 
Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST
Friday's Closed



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